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Membrane in night light. Photo.

Welcome to Membrane Group

Industrial membrane processes at Lund University.

Membrane research from fundamentals to industrial scale

The Membrane Group at Lund University currently lead by Prof. Frank Lipnizki has been working consistently for more than 40 years in membrane technology research and development and is the most established Membrane Group in Sweden.

The work of the Membrane Group is strongly focused on the water-energy-food nexus and thus linked to the UN global sustainability goals 2, 6, 7 and 12.

The Membrane Group has experience in several industrial segments including biorefineries, pulp and paper, agro-food, biotechnology and chemical industry plus water and wastewater treatment.

The key infrastructure of the Membrane Group is the Industrial membrane process research and development centre – MemLab - with the widest range of membrane equipment for different membrane processes in Sweden which is able to handle feed solution volumes in the range of millilitres to cubic meters.

The activities in the group cover both fundamental and applied research in particular development of membrane processes for industrial applications, fouling and cleaning for both conventional pressure-driven processes but also emerging membrane processes such pervaporation, electrodialysis, membrane distillation and forward osmosis.